Engineering Heights



Last update - August 27th, 2015
Browser - Alpha

iOS -coming soon || Android - Alpha (coming to mobile app stores soon)
Mac OS - Alpha || Windows - Alpha


Enter the SHMUPNISM and fight invading foreign bodies. Don't let any invaders past you or they will return stronger!


Collect power-ups to increase your chance of survival. You can stack power-ups!
Yellow - Auto-fire and faster bullets.
Green - Triple shot.

Blue - Scatter shot, releases a cluster of regular bullets on impact.


You can conserve ammo for power ups through toggling them on and off by clicking on the ammo counter for the power up, or by using the keyboard -

S key toggles Yellow

D key toggles Green

F key toggles Blue


Collect Bubble Amminos from dead enemies to create a Bubble Shield when your health is at 100%. Each additional Bubble Ammino adds a little health, or if the Bubble Shield is active, additional Bubble Shield time. The Bubble Shield gives invulnerable protection from one shot, but the shield is lost. Collect more Bubble Amminos to reactive the Bubble Shield.



Mobile - Tilt for movement, tap anywhere on the screen to fire. Hold tap for auto-fire (with Yellow power-up).

PC - Use directional arrows for movement. Use the space bar to fire, press and hold the space bar for auto-fire (with Yellow power-up).


Dayvid Jones - All art, sound fx, game design and programming, and main game theme music.


LaRai Arthur - Music producer (Menus, End Game Screen, and Boss Battle)